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I moved to Key West in June of 2015 to begin my legal career as a Public Defender. I fell in love with the island and criminal defense so I have chosen to open Sonnenklar Law right here!

My goal is to explain the legal process thoroughly and thoughtfully. I am a lawyer who moves quickly to get things done and accomplish our goals. I will zealously advocate on your behalf, while always taking the extra time to ensure you remain fully informed. I fully believe in aggressively advocating for my clients. You have rights, and i want to protect them!

I worked as a public defender for four year, where I handled hundreds of criminal cases of all types including: misdemeanors, violations of probation, felonies and more. I conducted numerous trials at all levels.  I want to use these experiences to help your case!

Prior to coming to Key West I studied International Affairs at the George Washington University. I continued My studies at the University of Miami School of Law, where I became enthralled with criminal law.


During my legal studies I worked at the University of Miami Immigration Clinic. There I completed a withholding of removal proceeding. It was granted, and my client was saved.

Following that experience I became Law Clerk at the Institute for Justice working to combat government abuses such as civil forfeiture.

Next I took the job and Key West, and I have been here ever since!

Now I want to use all of my past experiences to provide the most effective and comprehensive criminal representation at an affordable price.


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