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Code Enforcement

At Sonnenklar Law, we understand that code enforcement issues can be complex and difficult to navigate without legal assistance. Our experienced attorneys are committed to providing comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses facing code enforcement violations, including building code violations, zoning violations, and property maintenance issues. We believe that every individual and business has the right to a fair and just resolution to code enforcement matters, and we work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ rights are protected. With a deep understanding of the local laws and regulations governing code enforcement, our attorneys provide effective and efficient solutions to our clients’ code enforcement challenges. At Sonnenklar Law, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve compliance with code enforcement regulations and maintain their properties in a safe and lawful manner.

Code Violation Hearings

Sonnenklar Law offers legal services for code violation hearings, providing experienced representation for individuals and businesses facing code enforcement violations.

Permit issues

We also assist clients with permit issues, ensuring that necessary permits are obtained for construction and other activities.

City and County Licensing

In addition, Sonnenklar Law provides guidance on city and county licensing requirements, helping clients obtain necessary licenses to operate their businesses or maintain their properties.

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